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Katherine skelly

I have been teaching English focusing on the IELTS and Cambridge exams for over 15 years.

My scientific research into the effects of reducing stress in English language exam has been published in the International Journal of Education!

I love languages and I am an expert in using science

and psychology to make exams easier for you!


 I have learnt Spanish from scratch to C1 level and earned two masters in Teaching English.


I love learning, staying at home with Nancy, my dog, and reading a book with a cup of matcha, coffee or Earl Grey - I can never decide, sometimes I have all three every day! :)

Are you ready to start preparing the ielts?

study online

to score 7+ in IELTS

with my simple

STEP BY STEP process.


Over 500 5 star reviews

"Studying has never been easier"

"I love the simplicity and clarity of her lessons❤️"

My mission

After moving to, living and working in 7 different countries teaching English exams. I can safely say that there is no perfect education system - although some may be better than others...

After taking I don't know how many exams, being very stressed, nervous and losing sleep I have finally found a way to make the IELTS exam EASY for you.


Based on my methods that I used myself, based on all my education (well over 10 years...), over 15 years of teaching experience and language learning around the world.

Here it is: 


ONE course, ONE mission - To make your life and IELTS exam process STRESS FREE.

NO 10 hours of studying a day

NO multiple exam practices

NO sleepless nights

NO exam anxiety

NO blank minds

- Just PURE CLARITY - HOW to DO the IELTS exam - a STEP BY STEP process for every section! -


All you need is internet and your dream

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