The English Language Mentorship

A 6 month online group mentorship helping you to improve your English skills for online global business to communicate confidently and naturally in English.

with Katherine Skelly, The English Language Mentor

Is this you?

Are you worried about your English pronunciation?
Are you scared to go on camera in English?
Afraid of doing strategy calls with international clients?
Stressed about writing content for social media or your website in English?
Wish you could speak naturally and confidently in English?

The English Language Mentorship

YOur Mentor - Katherine sKelly

I'm the English Language Mentor, from Devon, England with a background in psychology and neuroscience and two Masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I've been teaching English all over the world for the last 12+ years to executives and it is my mission to help women create their dream life and career by using English to run their online global business.

I've learnt 4 other languages and use proven scientific methods to make sure you have the most effective strategies available to advance your English with ease and confidence.

I have been featured in podcasts, Vice Magazine and Thrive Global. You may have listened to my own podcast 'English for International Businesswomen'. 

I believe all women have the right to an education, deserve to the have career they dream of and the salary! 

I am on a mission to help you grow your online business using English and feel good about it!

You deserve to fulfill your dream and if I can do it, I know you can too and I’m here to help you!

This is for you if

You want a mentor who will understand the problems of communicating in another language - Someone who has been there and done it.

You are committed to advancing your English for your online business and working with international clients.

You want a mentor to correct and guide you on your business related communication and teach you how to improve it by yourself too.

You are ready to take action and step into the global version of yourself.

I'll be the English business partner you never had to help you run your online global business.

What's included

  • 6 months of support with me as your mentor.

  • Exclusive 1-2-1 time.

  • Weekly group coaching sessions.

  • Access to my Advanced English Communication Skills course.

  • Access to the private ELM Facebook group

  • Your own English language expert to correct and guide you throughout the course.

  • Hundreds of hours of training.

  • Limitless opportunities to practise using English and be corrected.

  • Workbooks to accompany your learning.

  • Sessions to help you improve your mindset.

  • A personally designed graduation module just for your business.

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Places in the mentorship are limited to 10 for 2020 enrolment, so you have my full attention.

Complete a form and have a free call with me!

INvest in yourself and your future

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6 monthly payments


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