My English level before meeting Katherine was regular. I did not have much fluency or
writing skills at that moment.


Katherine helped me improve my English a lot, especially writing.


What surprised me most is the speed at which I have improved my writing once I had lessons with her.


Also, she made me practise a lot of
IELTS listening in order to be familiar with the structure of the exam.



My level of English was very low and I would get entirely frustrated to be unable to speak a Word of English. I became afraid to speak English when the opportunity arose.


However, that all changed after meeting Katherine. Since I met Katherine my English skills have improved more than before.


She instructed me well and was an excellent guide. She made me more confident to communicate in English in every situation, in my work, for international trips, foreign travel…


 I feel empowered to travel alone around the world, I am even able to teach my Math classes in English. 



Hello everyone my name is Melisa. I currently live in California. Kath was my first English teacher back in Singapore.


She taught me how to write a good English paper, how to deal with grammar. Kath explain things very clearly too.


She will try to explain it until you understand and get the idea of it. If you guys are looking for an English teacher who can teach you clearly, Kath is one of them.


Thank you for teaching me English Kath! I hope you doing well in Spain!

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