The English Language


Do you want advanced level 

communication in English?

Do you dream of running an online

global business in English and 

communicating confidently

with your clients?


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What are you waiting for?

I can help you transform your life.

"I never dreamt of success. I worked for it."

Estée Lauder

Is this you?

  • Is your English limiting your business opportunities?

  • Are you losing clients because of your English?

  • Are you ready to commit to improving your English and gain the international success you deserve?

  • Would you like to network, attend conferences and talk to clients in English?

  • How about being the best version of yourself through endless, worldwide opportunities for self-development?

  • Would you like help?

  • Are you finally ready?

What about this?

  • We plan your goals and progress together.

  • You have unlimited opportunities to practise your English with me.

  • I teach you my step by step method to Advanced English for your online business in 6 months.

  • You are supported by other women who will encourage you on your journey.

  • You gain the confidence to communicate well in English in any situation.

  • You get help with any English corrections you need on a daily basis from any business related content.

I know it's possible for you because I've have been there!



  • What if I do this and I don’t advance?

  • What if no one understands me?

  • What if I make a mistake and I look silly?

  • What will other people think about me?

Say goodbye to FEAR -

your worst enemy!

Ask yourself this instead...

Am I going to let my fear run my life and destroy my dreams?

Only you are responsible for your success or failure.

I didn't...and now I can help you too with my programme.

The English Language


This is my full immersion programme. A personalised mentorship designed  for you to advance your English communication skills in 6 months, so you can communicate confidently and with ease in your business and with your clients.

I was inspired to create this programme by a lifetime of education, experience and knowledge that wasn't there for me when I was learning other languages.

This life-changing mentorship is going to take you and your business to a international level.


What do I get?

  • 6 months of support with me as your mentor.

  • Exclusive 1-2-1 time.

  • Weekly group coaching sessions.

  • Access to my Advanced English Communication Skills course.

  • Access to the private ELM Facebook group

  • Your own English language expert to correct and guide you throughout the course.

  • Hundreds of hours of training.

  • Limitless opportunities to practise using English and be corrected.

  • Workbooks to accompany your learning.

  • Sessions to help you improve your mindset.

  • A personally designed graduation module just for your business.

This is not for you if...

  • You expect others to learn for you.

  • You blame others for your lack of progress.

  • You are not looking for guidance or willing to take responsibility for your advancing your English.

  • You are not ready to invest in your self-development.

The English Language Mentorship is a high end investment designed to change the future of female entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve their international dreams and transform their lives.

Do you still have questions about the mentorship?

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One more thing...

I can remember when I couldn’t understand everything that was going on around me. I had just moved to a new country, where I couldn’t communicate easily, I was scared to even buy bread or leave the house in case I got lost - so I know you might be terrified to take the next step.


But let me tell you something...


For many years I took mediocre language classes and practised in my own time by myself. 


This meant I wasted my free time that I should have spent on my self-care after a full-time job, instead of taking on extra-challenges.


From the mistakes I made, I learned to develop my own strategies, overcome countless challenges and realise how I can help you become the amazing businesswoman I know your are just in English.

Now, I am constantly investing in my self-development to be the best version of myself, so I help you achieve your dreams too. Seeing you excel at English, feel confident when using it and achieve your dreams is my number one priority. This is what makes me happy!


We will take this journey together and you will learn to overcome your fears, face any challenges about doing business in English that you encounter and advance your English to achieve the  international success and life you deserve.


Places on the mentorship are extremely limited so I can focus all my attention on you and your progress!

Don't wait until tomorrow, get in touch today.

6 month mentorship

6 monthly payments 



6 month mentorship


one off payment 


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