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Hi, I'm Katherine!

I’ve always had this passion to create my own life and rarely followed the conventional route. After spending the last 5 years transforming and creating my dream life using psychology and neuroscience. I now know how it is possible for you to do this too, no matter what your past or present, there is a formula that works! 


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My Journey


In 2019, I realised that I was not living the life I wanted at all, I wasn’t even the person I wanted to be or knew who I really was anymore.

I was completely lost.

So I started doing research into how we create our own realities, and discovered how our brains, thoughts, memories and subconscious are basically creating our lives for us without permission!


2020 - As you can imagine, I was not happy at all to find that this subconscious programming was creating my results and stopping me from living the life I wanted.

I had been so busy trying to please others and prove my worth that I had sacrificed all my own happiness and energy. 


I spent the next 2 years releasing all the negative energy from my body and reprogramming in  my brain so that it worked for me.

THE RESULT? I created my dream online business, went completely independent from any employers, got rid of ANYTHING that no longer served me until my life literally fitted into a suitcase.

I moved with my dog from Spain to France, and then back to Spain 3 months later in a different location, thanks to some last minute realisations and final releasing. 


2023 - In the last 4 years, I have gone from being an international school teacher, to having my own online teaching business and shutting it down 2 years later.


2023 - I realised the business I had created was starting to rule my life and I was about to repeat the same pattern as before. 


2024 - It’s time to follow my passion to have my own online coaching business helping other women achieve their dream life, future goals and...

finally become the version of themselves they want to be NOW

You don't need to wait.

By using positive psychology, neuroscience and coaching techniques to achieve major breakthroughs and become unstuck from whatever is holding you back.

I am now the healthiest and happiest I have ever been AND living my dream!

Want 10 ways to regulate your nervous system and feel free and calm? Grab my free workbook with 10 scientifically proven methods!

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.


As a life long learner and course addict here are some of the ones that I have done so far. No doubt there will be more in the future too :)

  • Bachelors in Psychology and Neuroscience, Liverpool University, UK
  • Masters in Linguistics and Teaching English, Leicester University, UK
  • Masters in Bilingual Education and innovative teaching techniques, UDIMA, Spain
  • ICF Quantum Coaching Certification in progress.

Fun Facts about me

When I am not downloading incredible insights, literally reading textbooks or research papers for fun to share and help you transform your life, you will find me...

> Sipping on a cup of organic Costa Rican or Colombian coffee with soy milk and maybe a sneaky muffin. 

> Having a matcha after that too probably.

> Walking along the beach with my fur baby Nancy and carrying 5 kilos of dog back the last 3 kms.

> Doing yoga or pilates.

> Listening to a podcast and relaxing in the sun getting my vitamin D.

Get my FREE workbook to start regulating your nervous system. You deserve to be free and have more peace in your life!

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.

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