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I'm Katherine, 

the English Language Mentor.

I help online female entrepreneurs communicate confidently and naturally in English for international business.

Are you ready to upgrade your English and go global?


I am on a mission to help

women across the world

advance their English with ease

and confidence.


I combine psychology and

neuroscience with my knowledge of

teaching English &

my experiences

learning foreign languages.


I believe in

helping other women to have the courage

to start living their own dreams whilst

fighting to reduce gender inequality.

How can I help you...
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In The English Language Mentorship

I give you a step by step strategy to

Master advanced communication in English naturally and confidently

for online business.

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I teach you everything you will need in my mentorship and work with you whilst you create it!


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Do you dream of running your online business in English?

Working with international clients?

Coaching in English?

Going live on Facebook in English?


My English level before met Katherine was regular. I did not have much fluency and
writing skills in that moment. My English after Katherine help improves a lot,
especially the way if writing. What surprised me most is the speed with I have
improved my writing once I had lessons with her. Also,shemade me practise a lot of
IELTS listening in order to be familiar with the structure of the exam.

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